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Why do you need an HPD door?

A High Performance Door is a high speed door designed for intensive use. Our unique technologies ensures that your door opens and closes fast, providing following benefits:  Uninterrupted flows of people and goods.  Virtually no damage or injuries in case of a crash.  Improved inside working conditions.   Reduced outside contamination (dirt or pests).

Low maintenance

A smartly engineered door limiting maintenance requirements. 

Short opening & closing cycle

A fast door minimizing loss of time and energy. 

Wind resistant

A door that can operate under windy conditions.


A safe door minimizing risk of damage and injuries.

Nice design

A nice looking door with limited footprint. 

Easy and fast installation

A smartly engineered door allowing for fast installation. 

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Ditec - Fast roll-up door company

Who is Ditec?

At Ditec, we have a long history of making great doors with an Italian design for an affordable price.

It is our mission to bring affordable qualitative doors that help our customers close door openings, large or small, under any condition. 

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