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At Ditec, we have a long history of making great doors with an Italian design for an affordable price.

1974: NOVOTECNICA was founded,  producing gate motors 

1982: PA was founded , specialized in pedestrian glass doors 

1987: APRIN was founded, specialized in High Speed Doors 

1996: merger of the 3 brands creating DiTEC (= Diffusion of TEChnology), now focused on all products 

2009: Acquired by Entrematic, a Swedish based supplier of pedestrian doors and automation 

2015: Entrematic HPD is launched, a focused approach for the High Speed Doors 

Today we can benefit from Entrematic's combined know-how and technology to continue improving our product offering and overall quality.   

It is our mission to bring affordable qualitative doors that help our customers close door openings, large or small, under any condition.