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Ditec Door emergency handle

Emergency opening

In case of emergency the door can be opened manually by using the crank device (Smart doors) or the semi-automatic emergency opening device (Sector & Traffic doors). 

Reset doors can be provided with an integrated emergency opening.

A red handle allows to semi-automatically re-open the door in case of emergency by means of the modular counterweight. This red handle can be installed on both sides of the door. A security pin protects against misuse of the device. It can also be used in case of power failure. 

Anti-crash system (3D-render)

Bottom edge technology

The TÜV-certified self-testing safety edge is made of sturdy anodized aluminum, equipped with a conductive rubber seal.  It features the Anti-Crash system (ACS), which consists of side runners with set breaking load, limiting damage in the event of accidental impacts.  

The soft bottom edge does not contain any rigid element. 

Both safety systems automatically reopen the door in case of collision, thus avoiding injuries to people or damage to goods.  

Obstacle-detecting photo cells are implemented in the Ditec door columns


Two photocells, installed inside or outside the door columns, will prevent the door from closing when an obstacle is detected. For higher doors, we provide a photocell barrier that acts as a full light curtain to ensure the necessary safety level.

Ditec patented Safety Linear Encoder


The patented Safety Linear Encoder ensures maximum safety for people and goods. In case an obstacle is detected, the SLE will open the door. This Ditec patented system is a reliable and exclusive safety device. 

In case of strong wind, high speed doors can have problems closing. Our SLE will allow for a step-by-step full closing of the door, without having to start each time from the fully open position. 

Short opening & closing cycle

Inverter for modifying the opening and closing speed


With the INVERTERmotion device, the opening and closing speed can be differentiated.  High performances can be guaranteed with speeds up to 3 m/s. 

Close-up of a Ditec door motor


Low-maintenance motor with few moving parts, allowing for an opening and closing speed of 1m/s. 

Wind resistant

Side zipper technology (3d render)

Zipper technology

The zipper of the flexible door curtain is running in a side guide and thus provides a good grip. This makes the curtain wind resistant and provides excellent seal against draught or dust. 

High speed door with horizontal reinforcements to withstand heavy winds

Reinforcement bars

The Plus and Traffic doors are equipped with sturdy horizontal reinforcements. They assure the curtain to withstand significant wind loads. 

Nice design

Robust metal structure surrounding the Ditec door


All Ditec doors have well-designed metal structures with compact but robust columns. 

High speed door with custom print

Curtain print

Your specific design or picture can be printed on the curtains.

Transparent sections in a high speed door


Several sizes of windows are possible. The full, flexible curtains can have either standard or large size windows. The modular curtains can be equipped with transparent see-through sections.  Also micromesh windows are available. 

High speed door with interchangeable sections

Modular sections

The Plus and Traffic doors can be equipped with a modular curtain. This is composed of interchangeable sections connected by anodized aluminum profiles, assuring a tight curtain. 

This modular curtain allows for full window sections to ensure maximum visibility. 

Low maintenance

3D render of high speed door motor


Thanks to its smart design, easy accessibility and few moving parts, the motor requires limited maintenance. 

Anti-crash system (3D-render)


The exclusive Anti-Crash System (ACS), which consists of side runners with set breaking load, limits the damage and subsequent costs in the event of accidental impacts. 

3D render of zipper sides ensuring an excellent seal

Automatic reinsertion

The Reset doors all have a fully flexible curtain in which windows can be integrated.  

The curtain with zipper moves up and down in specially designed side guides, leading to an excellent seal of the door. This results in significant energy savings. In case of accidental hit, the door curtain will automatically be re-inserted into the guide. This reduces the need for maintenance and increases the safety for people and goods. 

Easy and fast installation

Metal columns support a Ditec door

Self-supporting frame

All Sector and Traffic doors, with counterweights in the columns, have a self-supporting structure and can be installed on a stand-alone basis.

Wires for plug and play installation of the Ditec door

Plug and play

All electrical components of a Ditec door are preassembled and prewired. This plug and play approach allows for easy installation and maintenance of your Ditec door.